New Plans for Former Walmart Site in Remington

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4865099That whole Walmart’s-coming-to-25th-Street kerfluffle now just seems like a bad and distant dream.

Six months ago, the developer scrapped its controversial plans to build a Walmart on the 11-acre site in Remington known as the 25th Street Station. In October, the Baltimore Business Journal reported that the fate of the area was a “blank slate.”

Now the BBJ is reporting that the former Walmart site is going to be leased to the Maryland Transit Authority to be used as a bus transit center. Writing in the BBJ, Kevin Litten notes that this plan might cause a few of the same objections as the Walmart did–namely, that an increased number of buses/delivery trucks in the area would cause traffic and spew nasty fumes into the air. The MTA is planning on mitigating these concerns by routing buses away from residential areas and relying on electric or clean diesel/electric hybrid buses at the site.

“My early conversation with neighborhood leaders is that they want more information about what this means, but nobody’s riled up against it yet,” City Councilmember Carl Stokes told the BBJ.

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  1. The Anderson Body Shop in your picture is actually at 29th between Remington & Fox – it is on the block that’s slated for development by Seawall into “Remington Row.” The Anderson Automotive mentioned in the article is down on 25th and Howard, which is beside the giant lot for the proposed MTA transit center

    • D’oh! Thanks for the correction — I should know better, since my first Baltimore apartment was right across the street from Anderson Automotive…. changing the photo now. Thanks!

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