New Ravens Receiver Jeremy Maclin Gets Free Crabcakes for Life from Jimmy’s Famous Seafood 

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Jimmy’s Famous Seafood crabcakes

For all the work that the Ravens put in to convincing free-agent wide receiver Jeremy Maclin to come to Baltimore, the key may have been in the crab cakes.

Maclin, 29, is set to sign a two-year deal with the franchise today. A former Pro Bowler from his time with the Philadelphia Eagles and a mostly dependable (when not injured) player for the Kansas City Chiefs during the last two years, Maclin is a welcome addition for the franchise during a summer otherwise marred by injuries to key players.

Some analysts have asked what led Maclin to sign with the Ravens over the Buffalo Bills. Was it some personal attention from newly retired receiver Steve Smith Sr., whose spot Maclin is filling? Or overtures from newcomer safety Tony Jefferson, who invited the free agent to come watch the NBA Finals at his house last week?

A new theory has emerged: It was an offer of a lifetime supply of good food from Baltimore staple Jimmy’s Famous Seafood.

Exhibit A:

Jimmy’s put the offer up when Maclin was visiting Charm City last week. The establishment is known for fielding enticing lifetime deals of free food from time to time. Chris Davis is part of the free crab cakes club, as is Manny Machado (for fighting, no less). And each year, a talented amateur March Madness bracketologist gets a chance to join that elite company.

Owner John Minadakis told ESPN he thinks his offer helped sway Maclin, and would have even bested similar bribery from Buffalo and Philadelphia, which had also been courting the receiver.

“You put our crab cakes against Buffalo wings or Philly cheesesteaks, a crab cake is going to win every time,” he told the outlet.

Maclin’s Twitter activity yesterday indicates Minadakis may have been right on the money.

Then again, there’s always the money. reports Maclin’s two-year deal is worth $11 million, with $6 million coming this year.

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