NPR Host Diane Rehm Scolds Martin O’Malley for Being Late to Interview

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photo via The Quinton Report
photo via The Quinton Report

Martin O’Malley was running late to his scheduled interview with Diane Rehm on Tuesday morning. Instead of appearing in the studio, O’Malley called in from his car. A presidential campaign may be perpetually running late, but Rehm wasn’t happy about changing plans.

Before asking the former Baltimore mayor about policy, Rehm said she expects guests to show up on time for a national interview. Punctuality is a reflection of whether people can trust a candidate, she said.

By the second segment of the show that began around 10:20 a.m., O’Malley was live in the studio. He was sure to tell the host he was a “big fan.”

UPDATE: At the end of the interview, Rehm asked O’Malley about where he was planning to raise money from.

“From listeners like you,” O’Malley joked.

Rehm wasn’t amused. “Doubt it,” she said.

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  1. when did she become such a self absorbed brat who seems more concerned with personal slights than talking about the real future of the country. Ok so the flip side of that is if Trump just appeared on time for an interview with her that means he will keep all his promises?

    • no, she’s pointing out that she is giving him–an unknown–generous time on national radio to promote his campaign and he absolutely blew it. Apparently he doesn’t respect her, nor the people he is expecting to serve. He came off as an amateur. Sad. You don’t get a second chance to make a good impression.

  2. being nervous causes you to make stupid comments…not a great way to endear you to a very influencial interviewer. “listeners like you? that’s how he saw her? Idiot! Shouldn’t have been an hour early to studio.

  3. Eh, things happen in real life to make people late. Rehm may think highly of her show, but it’s one of many appearances and responsibilities for O’Malley.

    I mean we could talk about how Rehm doesn’t very put-together because of her messed up voice… That wouldn’t fair or relevant, would it?

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