Maryland’s Republican presidential primary isn’t until April 3, by which time the nominee will be a certainty (if it isn’t already). But that doesn’t mean that our state is going to sit this one out entirely. Gov. Martin O’Malley is headed to Myrtle Beach this afternoon to bash Republican frontrunner Mitt Romney on, among other things, his “legacy of job destruction” in anticipation of South Carolina’s (possibly decisive) primary on Saturday.

Who does our Democratic governor endorse in the Republican race? Well, nobody really; O’Malley is expected to be a vocal supporter of Barack Obama in the general election, whoever his GOP challenger. But, jeez, that’s so far away, and all the recent Romney-bashing has just looked so fun, and it’s about ten degrees warmer in South Carolina, and what if Romney somehow doesn’t win the nomination? This might be his only opportunity.

O’Malley will stick around after his press conference to give his reactions to the umpteenth Republican debate being held there tonight. My guess: he won’t be terribly impressed with anyone’s performance.

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  1. BFD. O Malley is just like Obama – has never run anything for profit in the private sector, has no clue what’s it like to meet a payroll

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