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via Gawker

Being a resident of the city and state where Martin O’Malley has served as the chief executive for nearly 15 years, you probably didn’t think there would be much to learn about him from a profile in The Atlantic. You already know about his Irish rock band, his liberal agenda and his love of the War of 1812. Since the president election But what about his superfood preferences?

In Molly Ball’s latest piece, titled “The Long Shot,” the political scribe tags along with the governor, where he divulges another version his love of the green.

“I love kale,” O’Malley told the chef, Linda Vogler, a middle-aged woman with blond bangs peeking out from a paper toque. “Kale’s the new superfood!”

However, presidential pickers won’t be able to paint O’Malley into a corner as a true heath nut.

“We’re learning quinoa next,” Vogler said.

“You’re going to teach what? Keen-wa?,” O’Malley asked, genuinely puzzled. “What’s keen-wa?”

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Stephen Babcock is the editor of Baltimore and an editor-at-large of Baltimore Fishbowl.