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O’Malley to forego another presidential run, endorses Beto O’Rourke instead

Photos via Martin O’Malley/Twitter and Flickr/crockodile

Several years after an ill-fated bid for the Democratic presidential nomination, former Baltimore Mayor and Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley announced today that he won’t be running for president again, after all.

Martin O’Malley Mulling a 2020 Presidential Run: ‘I Just Might’

Still via MSNBC

Baltimore’s favorite Democratic politician hasn’t abandoned his presidential aspirations.

Cummings: Never Told Trump He’ll Be ‘One of the Great Presidents’


Baltimore’s own Elijah Cummings was recently quoted by none other than Donald Trump as saying the president will be among the finest heads of state the country has ever seen. One big problem: Cummings says that never happened.

Stevenson University Taps San Diego State University President, Former UMBC Provost to be its New Leader

Elliot Hirshman, photo via Stevenson University

Stevenson University has found its new president in Elliot Hirshman, a former top administrator at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County and the current president of San Diego State University.

Ben Carson Now Says He’s Open to a Position in Trump’s Cabinet


Ben Carson

Retired Hopkins neurosurgeon Ben Carson is inadvertently putting his foot in his spokesman’s mouth. The former Republican presidential candidate said on Fox News yesterday that he would give “serious consideration” to any offer from Donald Trump to work in his Cabinet, only days after his business manager said something very different.

O’Malley Loves Kale, But What About Quinoa?

via Gawker
via Gawker

Being a resident of the city and state where Martin O’Malley has served as the chief executive for nearly 15 years, you probably didn’t think there would be much to learn about him from a profile in The Atlantic. You already know about his Irish rock band, his liberal agenda and his love of the War of 1812. Since the president election But what about his superfood preferences?