O’Malley Promises Casino Money Really Really Will Go to Education

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Sure, I’m skeptical of politicians in general. But there is just something about the way the groups in support of Question 7 — which would allow Maryland’s current slots parlors locations to add table games and a casino in Prince George’s County — harp on the benefit to jobs and education; I believe it less every time I hear it.

Has this issue become the “most expensive political battle in Maryland history” because the casino interests spending millions on ads feel so passionately about jobs and education in Maryland? No way.

To rebut my skepticism, and the skepticism of many Marylanders, Gov. Martin O’Malley has appeared in an ad promising that casino revenues really, really will go toward education. But, of course, it could be a moot point — as our education budget balloons from wasted money of gambling addicts, less will be allocated from the general fund.

And why does VoteForSeven.com not make its case citing the economic impact other states have experienced after allowing gambling? Wouldn’t that be more convincing than just reiterating a promise? How has Mississippi fared since it legalized gambling in 1990?

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