Other Corner Charcuterie Debuts New Menus TONIGHT in Hampden

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Hampden is exploding with restaurants, no? When I moved into this super cool North Baltimore neighborhood in 2000, it was up-and-coming. Now it’s try-to-keep-up…or at least the food scene is that.

Bernard Dehaene, chef and owner of The Other Corner Charcuterie Bar, recently closed his popular bar and restaurant temporarily to make some big physical changes. You will see them when you stop by…new banquettes, larger bar, new artwork, etc. While he was at it, Chef Bernard made some big menu changes, as well. Kathleen McAteer has come on board as sommelier and manager and is working with Chef to create an even deeper beverage list than before – including lists of both pre and post-prohibition cocktails. Gone are the two sections (and entities, really) of restaurant and bar…and gone as well is the BYOB aspect out front in the restaurant. Also, the food menu is a bit more small plates-focused. However, there are a handful of options for larger plates for sharing – this section of the menu is called Silent Lovers. When I asked Chef about this name, he said that he named it this way because when you eat with someone you are close with – whether it’s a best friend or a significant other – you often just eat, don’t speak. “You have a point,” I laughed…

I will let the menus speak for themselves. Yum.






Amy Langrehr

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