Hotties at the Hippodrome. Pictures by B. Boyd (on her iPhone).

Did we mention we got “Best New Website” in Baltimore Magazine’s “Best of Baltimore” issue on stands now?  We did?  Oh. Okay. Well, a few BFB writers and editors went to the big party at the Hippodrome last Thursday night to celebrate.

None of us had been before. It was packed. Nearly every restaurant in town had a table and was giving out bites, there were assorted bars and two live bands. The second we got there it was obvious that all of us had underdressed: Nearly everyone was dressed to the nines. Most of the women wore dresses and the men wore ties.  The women’s dresses were sparkly, animal print, colorful, short, long, tight, plunging. Apparently, knock-offs of the “bandage” dress, made popular in the ’80s by French designer Herve Leger, are all the rage.  (My niece told me rented one from Rent the Runway for the prom last year.)

See below for some snaps of the fun.  We added our own Best of…

Best Hair
Best Laugh
Best Pose
Best Glasses
Best Use of Bold Color
Best Bandage Dress Look-Alike
Best Couple in Love
Best Moves. Marion Winik hits the dance floor.
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Susan Dunn

Susan Gerardo Dunn is the founding editor and publisher of Baltimore Fishbowl.