Today, I learned two very interesting things about Really Raw Honey — the “totally unheated and unstrained” honey containing “pollen, propolis, honeycomb, and live enzymes.” First, that this nationally beloved brand is based out of Highlandtown in Baltimore. And second, that owner Frantz Walker has just been charged with armed drug trafficking.

According to the Sun, a complaint about drug activity in the area led to the arrest of a Really Raw Honey employee on a “minor marijuana charge,” which led to a search of the warehouse, which turned up marijuana-growing equipment in a hidden room and a shotgun and what might have been cocaine in Walker’s office, which led to a search of Walker’s North Baltimore home, which turned up 10 guns and cocaine as well as other drugs, which led to Walker’s being charged with 20 criminal counts including armed drug trafficking and being held on $1 million bail.

Walker’s lawyer maintains that this is essentially one big misunderstanding: Walker owns guns and possesses illegal drugs, yes, but he doesn’t employee the former to distribute the latter. In fact, he doesn’t deal drugs at all.

And anyway, that employee who was arrested on the pot charge? He’s being fired, so everything’s cool.

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  1. We have carried Really Raw Honey at breathe bookstore cafe for years. The product is amazing. I really hope that things turn out ok for those involved…and I sincerely hope we can still get honey!! It’s addictive! (and legal!)

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