“Person With a Gun” Puts Local Schools on Lockdown

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Yesterday afternoon a man was spotted on Northern Parkway with a gun — not far from many area private schools —  which immediately sent the schools into lockdown mode.  He was quickly apprehended on Northern Parkway, according to Baltimore City police.

Parents were calling each other to learn what was what — with assorted rumors coming home from students — but a message from the head of Gilman School gave the facts.

At just after 4:10 p.m., the school went into a lockdown upon hearing reports of a person with a gun in the area. The security staff initiated the lockdown, and the school remained in that mode for about 15 minutes.

“Our understanding is that the gunman was noticed along Northern Parkway and was not on campus. Once we learned that the suspect had been apprehended by the police, we sent out the ‘all clear’ sign,” Gilman Headmaster Henry Smyth wrote in an email to parents last night.

The lockdown was coordinated with The Bryn Mawr School and Roland Park Country School.

Crisis averted, but another data point in what seems like a rise in aggressive criminal behavior in North Baltimore.

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