Pile of Cubed Ham in Baltimore Takes Twitter By Storm

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Baltimore is a city well known for its quirkiness. Even so, finding a random pile of cubed ham on a morning commute would still give most of us pause. On Friday morning, Michael Evitts, vice president of marketing at Downtown Partnership of Baltimore was walking to work when he passed such a pile. He stopped to snap a photo of the ham, and shared it on the organization’s twitter feed with the caption, “You see a lot of things just walking around. Today, apropos of nothing, we found a pile of ham.”

Within hours, the mysterious ham pile of downtown Baltimore had picked up a life of its own. The post earned Downtown Partnership of Baltimore one of its most successful tweets, getting over 370 retweets and prompting the hashtag, #sidewalkham. Harnessing the humor of the situation, the organization — which promotes living and working in Downtown Baltimore — then recruited a local chef to come up with the best recipe for an over-abundance of cubed ham. President of Downtown Partnership of Baltimore, Kirby Fowler, then took to twitter himself to cheekily congratulate his marketing team for their record breaking outreach.

The Downtown Partnership of Baltimore has assured the public the pile of ham in question was discarded responsibly, not consumed.

Rachel Bone

Rachel Bone is a regular contributor to the Baltimore Fishbowl.

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