Leverne Doran, 68, via Baltimore County Police Department

An absurd ordeal unfolded in Parkville last week when a man stood on the front of a moving school bus in a fit of road rage and pounded his fist on the hood while shouting at a bus driver and a bunch of middle schoolers.

On Thursday afternoon, 68-year-old Leverne Doran was sitting in his car at Putty Hill Avenue and Hoerner Avenue when he grew very upset, according to police. Doran later told officers that one of the students on a school bus next to him had thrown a bottle at his car.

Here’s how he handled the situation, as captured on a student’s cell phone:

YouTube video

Doran (the man wearing an NRA cap) stood on the front bumper pounding his fist, shouting to the driver to pull over so he could board the bus, police said.

The driver didn’t stop, and shook his head and repeatedly said “no” to Doran’s demands that he open the doors. Police said the driver was headed toward the nearest police precinct.

When the driver did stop at a light, Doran allegedly tried to get on again, this time trying hard enough that he broke a handle off of one of the doors.

An off-duty officer saw it happen and responded. Doran was arrested and charged with disturbing the peace, disorderly conduct, obstructing a school bus driver and malicious destruction of property.

Doran’s lawyer has defended his 68-year-old client, who lives in Nottingham. Speaking with The Baltimore Sun, attorney Steven Silverman said the bus driver “was acting like Otto Mann from ‘The Simpsons’” and inched toward Doran with his bus.

“All [Doran] was doing was what any responsible adult would do, which is inform the bus driver that he’s got a juvenile delinquent in his care who’s throwing projectiles at motorists,” Silverman told the newspaper.

Doran was released on his own recognizance last Friday. Court records don’t list a date for a court hearing.

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  1. Was there someone else other than the man wearing an NRA hat present on the front of the school bus?

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