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Police Release Info About Guy Who Angrily Climbed Onto a Moving School Bus in Parkville

Leverne Doran, 68, via Baltimore County Police Department

An absurd ordeal unfolded in Parkville last week when a man stood on the front of a moving school bus in a fit of road rage and pounded his fist on the hood while shouting at a bus driver and a bunch of middle schoolers.

Road Rage!

image via westcoatblather.com
image via westcoastblather.com

University of Baltimore MFA student Nancy Murray describes the morning that Baltimore rush hour traffic sent her over the psychic edge.

Even if everything had gone perfectly I would have been about five minutes late for work. I didn’t call to make excuses to my boss because the chances were good that he wouldn’t be there either. It was entirely possible that he would never know I was late, but it was imperative that I get there as quickly as I could. There would be hell to pay if I were just unbuckling my seatbelt when he pulled up.