Halcyon House
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So the bulk of our holiday season is over. We’re in the home stretch, now. And we’re in that perfect moment when the shopping and gift-opening is done. The decorations were hung long ago. We’ve hosted or attended any number of gatherings. And we cannot help but take stock. I mean, you know that feeling when your guests are beginning to flood the dining room and you’re suddenly thinking, “I could have sworn I had a crystal gravy boat.”  Or when you’re trimming the tree and realize that you haven’t swapped out any ornaments since, well, ever. And though it never bothered you before, for whatever reason, you’re suddenly feeling that your Christmas tree is looking a bit worn this year. This is why we recommend summoning whatever shopping energy you might have left for 2012 and heading over to Halcyon House Antiques for their big sale this week.

Now before your eyes well up with tears of I-couldn’t-possibly-shop-for-one-more-thing, let us tell you that Halcyon House is kind of the perfect Christmas recovery room. Located in Greenspring Valley, the farmhouse is located on 8 rural acres (formerly a farm)—a far cry from the malls and online marketplaces. Halcyon House specializes in antique furniture, exquisite home goods, gifts, jewelry and accessories. Just 15 minutes from downtown Baltimore, it’s a great destination if you’re looking for specialty items for entertaining and decorating in a casual and relazing shopping environment. Not only that, this week, they’re offering a great sale (50% off decorations and ornaments) and a bunch of new merchandise including these fabulous color blocked totes—perfect for adding a splash of color to the new year.

Halcyon House Antiques is located at 11219 Greenspring Avenue in Lutherville. For more information, visit www.halcyonhouseantiques.com.