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Moving homes is nearly always challenging – it’s a process full of difficult decisions and exhausting logistics. For older people moving into independent, assisted or memory care living facilities, the process can be especially tough. Paula Sotir, BSN, MGA, CSA, and her company CarePatrol, can help.

The letters behind her name mean that Sotir has a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing, a Master’s degree in general administration with a healthcare focus and she is a Certified Senior Advisor. After several decades in healthcare and healthcare administration, she opened a Baltimore-based franchise of CarePatrol in 2014.

CarePatrol is an organization that helps families and seniors navigate the difficult transition to independent living, assisted living and memory care living. “We take an active role in finding solutions to meet clients’ social and medical needs, while staying within their financial means,” explains Sotir.

Here, Sotir shares a bit about what CarePatrol does and how it can help people in the Baltimore area, and about her own experiences:

What is the path that brought you to this point?

I have been involved with nursing and medical care since graduating from Duke University. My career has included nursing and administration in shock trauma, wound care and home care.

It was after my mother passed away, following a long illness, that I totally realized the needs of someone that requires assistance in daily living and the strain on the family that provides the care and assistance.

CarePatrol enables me to merge my professional and personal experiences to help those as they age or require assistance as they go through their golden years.

Who are your clients and what are they looking for?

 We are a professional service and our clients are referred to us by the medical profession, social groups and clubs, families and other current clients. Our clients want to move into communities that allow them to maintain their independence, but have increasing assistance if they need it.

Due to medical needs, they may require assistance with activities of daily living. There may also be a need when the client does not even realize they need help and care. Such is the case with Alzheimer’s and dementia.

From your perspective, what value does CarePatrol bring to the Baltimore community?

Over the years, the average life span has increased, but medicine and science still has not discovered the fountain of youth. We may be living longer, but age takes a toll, and assistance is often required. Sometimes the need is recognized, sometimes it’s not.

CarePatrol not only helps when the need to change the current living situation is recognized or imminent; we are a planning resource as well.  The process can be daunting, overwhelming and time consuming.

CarePatrol is a community resource not only to help, but also to educate. We provide education and planning seminars to let families know the “What’s, When’s, Where’s Why’s and How’s” when it comes to independent living, assisted living and memory care support.

Knowledge is truly power. You may never need our service, but it’s great to know you have someone’s help if you do.

What is your favorite thing about your work with CarePatrol?

 Every day is different and every situation and need is different, but the end result is the same. We help solve problems. Clients come to us in time of need and we are able to minimize the impact on the family, while finding appropriate living arrangements.

What are the most frequent questions you hear from the people you help – and how do you respond?

 The two most common questions go hand in hand: how much does CarePatrol cost and, huh, how do you get paid?

CarePatrol is a free community service and has been for over 25 years. We are very similar to realtors in that we are paid by the community or residence our client chooses.

What else should people know about CarePatrol?

CarePatrol works with a complete team of professionals, so we can refer your family and make some of your challenges a little easier.

From Elder Law attorneys and financial planners, moving companies and realtors, to hospices and home care services, we can connect you to the right people at the right time.

For more information about CarePatrol, call 410-844-0800 or visit our Facebook page.


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