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The Journey of Dementia


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My sister and I had traveled home to give my brother a break.  We were with my mother at her primary care physician’s, technically a licensed nurse practitioner whose manner is part game show host, part private investigator.  We all love her.  After the good news –physically Mom was in top form — Lynne shifted gears, getting to the real reason we were there.

Talking to Mom About an Assisted Living Residence



Very few seniors want to leave the homes where they may have been living for decades, but as their age advances, the necessity of doing so may increase until the issue can no longer be ignored.

Proprietor: Paula Sotir of CarePatrol



Moving homes is nearly always challenging – it’s a process full of difficult decisions and exhausting logistics. For older people moving into independent, assisted or memory care living facilities, the process can be especially tough. Paula Sotir, BSN, MGA, CSA, and her company CarePatrol, can help.