Maravene Loeschke had many ties to Towson University. She got her undergraduate degree there (in theater, ’69), as well as a Master’s (education, ’71). She was both a professor and a dean before taking over as the university’s president in 2012. Loeschke sadly passed away earlier this summer, and now the university is planning a public memorial service to honor one of its most impressive and ardent supporters.

College presidents can sometimes seem stodgy and removed from campus life; not so Loeschke, who enthusiastically rooted for Towson sports teams and celebrated her inauguration by starring in a one-act play… with her husband. “Maravene was one of a kind. She was revered by all who knew her and was as welcome as a breath of fresh air everywhere she went,” Senator Barbara Mikulski said. “With the savvy and grace that she learned on the stage, she moved her way up through the levels of higher education and made an everlasting mark on Towson University.”

The university will celebrate Loeschke with a public memorial tomorrow (Friday, September 18) at 4:30 PM at Towson’s SECU Arena.

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As a tribute to Loeschke’s longstanding love of the arts, the memorial will feature several performances by various Towson arts and musical groups. Be sure to bring your Kleenex; tears are pretty much a guarantee.

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  1. I am so sad to hear that Maravene passed away. Many years ago I was her student in a Summer Theatre Workshop. She was my first acting teacher and (my only) mime teacher. I learned so much from her. She opened my eyes to the world of the arts and forever changed my life. I owe her a great debt which I have tried as an adult to pay forward. Thank you Maravene. Rest in peace with the Angels.

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