Jacoby Jones was wonderfully light on his feet this season. (Remember that 108-yard kickoff return in the Super Bowl?) He also proved that he’s pretty good at the traditional post-touchdown dance. But will he be able to samba well enough to capture the hearts of America? That’s the real question.

Jones has signed on to be a part of the next season of Dancing with the Stars, which starts March 18, joining comedian Andy Dick, boxer Victor Ortiz, country singer Wynonna Judd, and ice skater Dorothy Hamill. The Washington Post notes that three former NFL players have won the competition so far (Emmitt Smith, Hines Ward, and Donald Driver). So Jones’s odds look pretty good.

But Jones had better watch out:  DWTS performers have ruptured tendons, broken toes, suffered concussions, and broken ribs. For the Ravens’ sake, we hope Jones doesn’t get too enthusiastic when he cha-cha-chas.