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Jacoby’s Super Success on DWTS



The judges (and the voting public) have spoken:  Jacoby Jones, Ravens wide receiver, is an excellent dancer. If you haven’t been following along with the 16th season of Dancing With the Stars, now might be a good time to start:  The competition is down to its final four, and Jones stands a good chance of coming out a winner. Which means that Baltimore is incredibly close to winning the 2013 Triumphant Trifecta (which I just made up):  the Super Bowl, the Kentucky Derby, and DWTS’s top spot, all in one year!

Jacoby Jones Practicing Locally for DWTS



Ravens fan website The Baltimore Beat Down is reporting that Jacoby Jones will practice with his Dancing with the Stars partner Kirna Smirnoff at a local fitness center. The site was careful to conceal exactly where the practice would take place, but a commenter gave up the goods.

“They will be pratciging at the OM JCC  (Owings Mills Jewish Community Center) for the next one to three weeks,” wrote a reader identified as IsraeliRavensFan.

Classes have been rescheduled or canceled to make way for the dancing duo, the website reports.  The 16th season of the show premieres Monday, March 18.

Read the story at baltimorebeatdown.com

Raven Jacoby Jones Joins Dancing With the Stars


Jacoby Jones was wonderfully light on his feet this season. (Remember that 108-yard kickoff return in the Super Bowl?) He also proved that he’s pretty good at the traditional post-touchdown dance. But will he be able to samba well enough to capture the hearts of America? That’s the real question.