Reality TV Show Filming in Hampden This Week

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Let’s say you want to be on TV, but you don’t quite have the terrible personality or shameless self-promotion necessary to be a reality TV star on your own. Well, what are you waiting for!? Head on over to Hampden’s Holy Frijoles, where TruTV will be filming the pilot episode of a brand new show over the next couple of nights.

Because it’s a new show, there’s a lot we still don’t know. But according to a Reddit post, the show is called “Bar Swap,” and involves some sort of wacky gimmick where the normally lackadaisical Frijoles management will swap places with some other Baltimore bar — presumably somewhere a little less dimly lit and a little more uptight.

In any case, the filming is set to go on over the next three nights. So put on your best outfit, make sure your hair looks nice, and head out to Hampden ready to mug for the camera. This may well be your big break…

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  1. Being a bar realty show it will really fit into the Good old boy Hampden crowd lol. I grew up in Hampden but no longer live there but there seemed to be a bar in every block. Sometimes two or three. This will fit perfectly. Just hope and pray no brawls break out.

    • Valerie, Hampden has changed quite a bit…There is zero chance a brawl will break out with their hipster patrons.

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