Religious Leaders Hope to Get in on Medical Marijuana in Maryland

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A rabbi and a pastor have each applied for one of the 15 licenses to grow medical marijuana in Maryland. And no, this is not a set-up for a joke.

As the Washington Post reports, Rabbi Jeffrey Kahn and Pastor Gareth E. Murray both see providing expanded access to cannabis as part of their religious mission. Khan already helps provide medical marijuana to D.C. residents out of the Takoma Wellness Center, a marijuana dispensary. His medical marijuana activism began decades ago, when he saw how much the drug helped some AIDS patients. In contrast, Murray is a newcomer to the scene, who was inspired by how medical marijuana eased the pain of people with cancer.

The Post has also taken a closer look at the dozens of other applicants for the scanty number of licenses that will be available in Maryland. As you might expect, many have ties to similar businesses in other states–but, surprisingly, more than 20 percent of applicants had some tie to law enforcement. I guess you could consider them experts on drugs, in a way.

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