Reset, Release, Transform: Dr. Emily’s Fall Detox Registration Ends Thursday, Oct. 13th

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It is time to feel better. Plain and simple. Clinging to coffee, sugar and chocolate may get your through the day, but they are a temporary fixes for deeper discomforts. Fatigue. Anxiety. Insomnia. Constipation. Cravings. Ringing any bells?

futureselfdetoxAfter a decade of leading individuals through gentle and guided detox programs, I have witnessed stubborn symptoms fade, distended bellies recede, coffee addicts reclaim their energy, and sugar cravings vanish. As a participant in the 10-day Fall Detox Program your experiences will be unique as they relate to your healing journey.  You will also share with all Detoxers an opportunity to  reconnect with yourself and your relationship with food through the lens of naturopathic medicine.

I look forward to reintroducing you to the parts of yourself who remember Wellness, Vitality, Creativity, and Resilience.

Dr. Emily Telfair



(Registration Ends Thursday October 13th)




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