Shoo-Fly Diner Is Closing at Its Current Location

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Spike Gjerde just snagged a coveted James Beard Award (the first Baltimore chef to do so!) for his work at Woodberry Kitchen. That strikes a pretty mean contrast with the response to his Shoo-Fly Diner, which after a year and a half of mostly bad reviews “needs to find a new home.”

Gjerde told the Baltimore Sun that Shoo-Fly is at heart “a great little diner” that “got a little lost in translation.” Maybe he’s right. Our own Charm City Cook liked what she tasted in advance of the diner’s official opening back in 2013.

Shoo-Fly may stay open, in one form or another, through the summer. But no closing date has been set. The restaurant may find a new spot at Belvedere Square, and the a new concept may take up residence at the old Shoo-Fly space.

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  1. I tried going there several times but there wasn’t anything I wanted to eat on the menus!

  2. Never went there; never will. That spot is the Dark Hole of the restaurant world. It should become a shoe store again.

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