Having made a career in dapper menswear, Ken Himmelstein — who owns the Samuel Parker store in Lake Falls Village — loves clothes and has a knack for putting together his own Ken-authentic look. As he stands amid cashmere sweaters and English button-down shirts, he looks elegant enough to be a mannequin in the smart shop window.

Ken Himmelstein

You look great Ken. But a little summery with the orange T-shirt and white shoes! 

Touch my jacket. It’s cashmere.

And the shoes?

My white bucks. I wear them year-round. 

So you call your style…?

Modern traditional.

How long have you been in the business? 

I was on the wholesale side for 30 years. I was a Ralph Lauren rep and also worked for high-end menswear firms.

Is there anything you feel you can’t wear in Baltimore?

No, I have big (nerve). If I don’t dress like this, who will?

Who will? The customer who appreciates beautiful suits and tweed blazers, pants, shirts and a cashmere sweater in every color. And great shoes.

My customer is the professional man who likes clothes.

Like you? 

Like me.

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  1. Being a contemporary of Mr. Himmelstein and sharing his passion for sartorial splendor, I can shop nowhere else. Ken’s standards of quality, quintessential good taste, and unmatched personal style sets him, his shop, and his clients apart from all others. If one has not yet experienced Ken, his atmosphere, and his personal attention to each and everyone who visits him, time is of the essence. Being hooked by Ken and his world one of today’s rare pleasures and I highly recommend it.

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