Sick of Security Screenings at BWI?

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Are you a frequent traveler at BWI Airport who would rather keep her belt and shoes on? Well, you might want to try being a “trusted traveler.”

The Baltimore-area airport is the latest to participate in the TSA’s pre-screening program for frequent fliers.

For a non-refundable fee of $100 you can apply to travel to an in-person interview, where they will ask you questions, take your picture, and record biometric information. As if that’s not futurist-dystopian enough, if you’re let into the group, you’ll receive a barcode, that links to your identity. At BWI Concourse D, you swipe your card, and — voila! — you can keep your belt and shoes on.

I bet it’s worth it just for the extra ounces of peanut butter you could smuggle onto the plane in your shoes from now. Think of it!

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