Some Jerk Kidnapped Cal Ripken’s Mom!

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Cal Ripken and his mother at his 2001 retirement ceremony in Baltimore.

If you’re looking to be upset about the state of the world these days, here’s one for you: on Tuesday, some jerk abducted Cal Ripken’s 74 year-old mom! (Don’t worry, she’s safe and sound now.)

According to officials in Aberdeen, Maryland (where Violet Ripken lives), a man with a gun showed up at her door early on Tuesday morning. He forced her into her 1998 Lincoln Towncar, put sunglasses on her (for a disguise?), then drove around all day, stopping for gas and using Violet’s ATM cards. Violet’s ordeal wasn’t over until early the next morning, when she was found in the backseat of her car with her hands bound, but otherwise unharmed.

Kidnapping famous baseball players’ mothers is something of a tradition among a certain kind of thug, but the odd thing here is that there was no demand for ransom, or any attempt to contact Cal Ripken himself. Police think that the abductor didn’t even know that the woman he was carting around was a famous baseball player’s mother. Since Violet’s credit cards have been used a few times since her abduction, they’re guessing that the motive was robbery, pure and simple. The only silver lining is that this guy doesn’t sound all that smart, so here’s hoping the Aberdeen police (who are teaming up with the Baltimore police and the FBI) nab him soon.

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