Speed Dating — for Roommates?

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Imagine the kinds of questions that get asked at a Roommate Speed Date:  How annoying is your dog? Do you do your dishes every day — really? How annoying is your boyfriend? These are the sorts of things that strangers don’t usually ask one another, even though they have the potential to make life much easier.

It’s funny, too, because the roommate relationship is such a crucial one — after all, you share living quarters and often see each other every day — but it’s also one that we so often leave to chance or the vagaries of Craigslist. LiveBaltimore‘s Roommate Speed Date is an attempt to change that, a way to, as they put it, “find out about the late night piano practice and the extensive ceramic clown collection before the move!”

According to LiveBaltimore, the event is designed for minimum awkwardness and maximum use-value:  “The pre-determined topics leave nothing un-discovered and ensure that everything, even the awkward stuff, is discussed. Once the face-to-face sessions are complete, Live Baltimore staff will tally the Match Sheets and share contact information of successful matches with daters.”

The Roommate Speed Date takes place next month (February 7) at the Fitzgerald in Mt. Vernon (1201 W. Mount Royal Ave.), and costs $10; registration here.

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