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Roommate Horror Stories – Shoe Stealers, Gun Nuts, and Worse



Daniel Ewald’s roommate pulled a gun on him; Shana Challmes’s roommate stole their rent — and her shoes; another commenter’s roommate “went to the bathroom” in the bathtub — multiple times. There are plenty more roommate horror stories where that came from, thanks to your friendly local city promotion non-profit, Live Baltimore.

Student Roommate Murder-Suicide Shocks the University of Maryland

Photo by Charlie DeBoyace for the UMD Diamondback
Photo by Charlie DeBoyace for the UMD Diamondback

Details are still sketchy, but the tragic overall picture is clear enough:  early this morning several Price George’s County police officers responded to a shooting in College Park, Maryland, and found three young men — all students at the University of Maryland — who had been shot, two of them fatally. According to evidence on scene, one of the three roommates set a small fire in the house’s basement, perhaps to draw his fellow roommates to the basement. All three students left the house together, which is when the gunman began firing. After shooting both men, he went into the house’s backyard and shot himself.

Speed Dating — for Roommates?



Imagine the kinds of questions that get asked at a Roommate Speed Date:  How annoying is your dog? Do you do your dishes every day — really? How annoying is your boyfriend? These are the sorts of things that strangers don’t usually ask one another, even though they have the potential to make life much easier.

The First 30 Days of College: New places, new faces and classes too


Watching Emily’s entrée to college has been something like watching the manic episode of a kindergartner at her first trip to an amusement park. There are lots of fun things to do, and so many people to meet and new places to try.  And the freedom of running from this thing to that one is exhilarating!  We’ve talked to her on the phone maybe once or twice a week, and the words come spilling out so fast she can barely keep up with her own thoughts.  She is under a magic spell, at least for now, and it is so gratifying to see.

The Glory (and Misery) of the Random Freshman Roommate


Future freshmen at Hocking College in Ohio take the Myers-Briggs personality test, with the results getting sent to the Office of Residential Life for better roommate matching. “[We] make every effort to match you with another student who has some of the same interests and personality attributes as you,” the college reassures incoming students.

But is it really so important to live with someone similar to you?  In this weekend’s New York Times, Dalton Conley mourns the era of the random roommate:  “When we lose randomness,” he notes, “we also lose serendipity.”  Today’s students aren’t just taking long personality tests to ensure compatibility; they’re often scoping one another out on Facebook as soon as they get their acceptance letters, and finding a like-minded stranger to request as a bunkmate.

While it makes sense to keep the messy students and the smokers together, something is lost by such precise sorting.  Conley cites a 2002 Cornell study that found that white students who were assigned a roommate from a different race were more open-minded about race by the end of the year. That’s just one example of the peer-to-peer learning that takes place over the course of a semester, where students figure out how to get along with someone perhaps very different from themselves.  “And if you end up with the roommate from hell? You’ll survive, and someday have great stories to tell your future spouse, with whom you’ll probably get along better,” rhapsodizes Conley. Easy enough for him to say; for all his love of randomness, he’s not volunteering to spend a year sharing a 10-foot-by-10-foot space with a stranger, you’ll note.

What was your college roommate like?