Mayor Rawlings-Blake Drawn into the DNC Email Scandal

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Photo via Style with Style Babe
Photo via Style with Style Babe

A leak of 20,000 emails from the Democratic National Committee has forced Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake to defend the indefensible.

The email dump, released by WikiLeaks, confirms the suspicions of many Bernie Sanders supporters that the DNC was covertly working to nominate Hillary Clinton and undermine her progressive rival. The scandal, which has already resulted in the resignation of DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, has put Rawlings-Blake into an unenviable position.

As DNC Secretary, Rawlings-Blake has been quoted in article after article arguing that the emails don’t show a lack of neutrality on the part of the Democratic party.

According to CNN, Rawlings-Blake “denied any suggestion that Clinton’s camp was treated more favorably by the committee.”

“Expressing an opinion about a candidate doesn’t mean that you’re in collusion,” Rawlings-Blake said, “doesn’t mean that you are actively working against them. And I don’t think that that’s what it shows.”

That would make sense, if the emails merely revealed the personal opinions of DNC staffers, but they go much further. In a message dated May 5, one DNC employee prompted another to  “get someone to ask his belief” and expressed the opinion that Sanders (who goes unnamed in the email) would lose support among Southern Baptists if he were outed as an atheist. And that’s just one example.



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  1. Rawlings Blake and her staff, in my opinion, need to be investigated for much more than her participation in this scandal. I have had ongoing issues with her staff regarding my treatment as an injured city employee that has left me with permanent brsin damage and PTSD. I was attacked ywice while a supervisor in baltimore city and i believe that these attacks were carried out due to reporting fraud in my section. Her office completely ignored my pleas and as a result, after 3 years of recovery ( memory, speech, brsin swelling, seaures and more), her office ignored accomodations that would haave cost the city no money. This resulted in me not being able to return to my post. Then they turned around and said i quit. And no on would cover this.

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