Stan Lee’s Top Titles during Quarantine

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Meowr, We live in interesting times. I’m Stan Lee, the bookstore cat at Carpe Librum. Usually, I would be demanding you pay homage to me in the bookstore, but We must keep you humans healthy.

Felis catus domesticated Homo sapiens not once, but twice. It was a LOT of work, and We don’t want to have to do it again. We’d like to keep you around. So, we are going to need you to stay inside so you don’t get hit by cars, or get worms.

You are going to need to be spayed and keep your mind occupied and there’s no better way to keep your mind active and relaxed through these interesting times than with a good book. I’m going to highly suggest some of the best titles I have absorbed through the power of osmosis.

The Quelling by Barbara Barrow:  I fell in love with these characters. They are clever, beautiful, and hopelessly violent. I swear they are cats at heart. This gritty, bittersweet novel explores the fragility of familial bonds, and the tensions between freedom and safety, something a lot of us cats struggle with in today’s troubled times.

No More Goddesses by Kim Baccellia: When fifteen-year-old Jordan discovers an ancient bracelet in her grandmother’s house, she unleashes the curse of Hathor, an Egyptian love goddess. Can she vanquish the goddess before she ruins her chance for a date to the dance and destroys the world? I love reading about my peers, and Egypt was one of the times we domesticated you humans, such fond memories.

Tales of the Astonishing Black Spark by Charlie Eskew:  Have you ever been trapped in a dead-end job? The girl you love moves on to a more glamorous life? Have you ever wandered and waited for something great to happen? What would you do if you suddenly developed superhuman powers?  Is the power and fame worth it? I’m Stan Lee and you can trust me, “with great powers come great responsibility.”

These great books and so many more are all at Carpe Librum, but wait, you can’t leave your house? We ship! You can call the store at (443) 465-4691 or visit my website I will supervise the humans* and they will wrap your books with care and safety** and then will ship or deliver them posthaste. Keep safe humans, and keep your claws and mind sharp.

*Special requests for delivery? Leave a note in the note to seller area when checking out

**I trained the humans well. The humans will wash paws before packing and delivering your books or taking them to the post office. Books are wiped down with disinfectant wipe. My delivery people will knock on door and practice social distancing. I swear, they are cats at heart.

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