Sugar Is the New Tobacco, at Least in Maryland

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Actually, it’s happening everywhere. Soda companies have been accused of using Big Tobacco-like marketing tactics to misrepresent an unhealthy product, and unfairly targeting minors, for years. Wall Street bank Credit Suisse recently produced an anti-sugar video loaded with scary health statistics and emotional visuals. But the fight is getting fiercer, and Howard County-based Horizon Foundation has just rolled out a TV spot that skewers Coca-Cola.

The ad (which comes in 30-second and 90-second versions) asks consumers to choose trade cans of coke for healthier beverages “because happiness doesn’t come in a red can. Obesity does.”

For their part, Coca-Cola says the company is being unfairly singled out, and cites its marketing of “180 low-calorie beverages like Coke Zero, Diet Coke and fruit water” as evidence of it commitment to promoting less diabetes-y options.



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