Summer is So Two Weeks Ago: Fall Restaurants, Part 2

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Continuing the focus on fall restaurant news has come naturally this week. I mean, who isn’t feeling autumnal? The brisk weather and the football on the tube (Faith Hill’s sparkly minidress was a vast improvement over last year’s bizarre capri/blazer combo, I’m sure the men are with me on this one) has us all in the mood. So let’s get our cozy on and figure out where we are going for our butternut squash bisque this season. It’s game time folks!











Well, one place we will not be enjoying (yet!) is The Valley Inn on Falls Road. For almost a year, I have been craning my neck and causing near head-on collisions hoping to spy some type of construction activity. Aside from some raccoons in the dumpster, there has been nada.

So what gives? We know Teddy Bauer purchased the property. We know he got approval from the liquor board. We know he is capable and said to be flush with cash. This should be a done deal!

Rumor has it that Mr. Bauer is caught up in zoning and permit issues, complicated by the fact that the building is on the Historic Registry. It’s just a whole mess of red tape. We also hear it might be close to a year until things are resolved, but that he hasn’t given up hope . . . and neither have we Teddy, neither have we.

Still on the hunt, I checked in on the progress of the Foreman/Wolfe foray into the “family dining “ world in Roland Park.

The Foreman/Wolfe team have been working to open their new project in the space that formerly housed The Roland Park Deli. As Baltimore Fishbowl reported in May, the project was delayed by the discovery of termite damage. The structure was deemed unsafe and after and agreement with CHUP and the Roland Park Civic League, they dismantled the building and set out to set out to build it back as originally presented.






Looks good doesn’t it?  When we went to take of picture of the building, there was a sign up notifying interested applicants about a Job Fair today from 10 – 4 p.m.  The opening must be on the horizon if they are hiring, no?

Another my list is the Mount Washington Tavern. I am happy to report things are looking good for an October 30 reopening and by looking good, I mean looking great!










After last Halloween’s fire, the owners have completely reconfigured the space. As the recently posted Facebook pictures attest, they have done a stellar job.

The exposed stone, coffered ceilings, black mullions & shingled exterior are details that look fresh and rich. The establishments clubby, preppy persona will continue with nautical and horse racing themes in the dining rooms.

Great changes include converting the awkward two level bar (I remember it feeling cramped and uncomfortable in there when I was twenty four and boozing, which is really saying something) to a single open space and adding temperature control to the “sky bar” making it a year-round watering hole.

Rejoice twenty-five year old laxers, the time has arrived for you to come on home.

One more place I am eager to try: Kooper’s North in Mays Chapel.  The Sun is reporting that it already has crowds and it only opened in late August!  I’m not surprised.  As we reported last May, the neighborhood surrounding the restaurant is highly residential and full of families, a great market for Kooper’s menu of hamburgers, fries, crab cakes and more.

Any other restaurant news you want to share with us?  Everyone likes to hear about new openings. What have you heard?


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  1. my mother mourned the loss of sabor in mays chapel, but had lunch at koopers this week and loved it. and loved how buzzy it was, filled with people.

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