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Urban Landscape: Catholic Review HQ Under Contract; Jordan Faye Contemporary Gallery to Close; ‘Chef Boyardee’ Mansion Up for Auction

Photo by Ed Gunts

For the second time this year, a newspaper headquarters appears likely to be sold in Baltimore.

BMA to Host Workshop, Discussion Panel Centered Around Black Art Entrepreneurs

Courtesy BMA

For all of its present-day economic issues and social challenges to overcome, Baltimore in 2017 faces no shortage of creative voices, particularly in its black communities. Next weekend, the Baltimore Museum of Art is providing a platform for those voices to convene and share their recipes for success.

Southwest Baltimore’s Barbershop Art Gallery Gets National Attention

New Beginnings Barbershop (via Facebook)
New Beginnings Barbershop (via Facebook)

Want to look at fine art while you get a haircut? Head to Southwest Baltimore.

The Artistic Ambassador of Bolton Hill


Across the street from F. Scott Fitzgerald Park in Bolton Hill is the die Botschaft 1628: Art & Culture Gallery.  Built in 1873, the house in which the gallery resides was “a shell when I bought it in 2004,” said gallery owner Marcia Hart.

According to Hart, the Geatty family built the house at 1628 Bolton Street and it stayed in the family for more than a century.  Unable to maintain their 6,000 square foot home, the Geatty’s sold it in 2000.  Hart said, “The new owners made disastrous attempts at renovation.  There was a tarp on the second floor that collected water which had pooled and smelled.”

Acoustically hung ceilings – the kind that are found in office buildings that drop into sections – had been attached by notching the house’s ornate plaster cornices.  The night before the closing of the sale to the previous owners, the marble fireplaces were stolen.