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SOGH Brings Us Baltimore’s First Art Truck


Art Truck 1

catch of the day fish (2)Once upon a time, you would have been hard pressed to find a decent food truck in this city. Then there was a while when you could sometimes find one or two in particularly lunch-breaky areas. Now they have their own rallies and are a staple of any outdoor event; making life in Baltimore tastier and more gourmet everyday. So when we heard that Baltimore’s own Shawn Theron has plans to open Baltimore’s first Art Truck (like a food truck, but for art), we of course got excited. Shawn is a local treasure, to be sure; and the possibility that his truck might start a trend resulting in a city dotted with mobile local art vendors has us simply elated. You’ve probably seen Theron’s work at the American Visionary Arts Museum, where he was included in the All Things Round exhibit in 2011/2012. He’s primarily known for his abstract paintings that feature almost celestial looking forms in saturated landscapes. He’s also known for keeping his work affordable. CBS recently named him one of the best places in Baltimore to purchase affordable art.

AVAM’s Big Ol’ Barn Sale


Big Old Barn Sale

catch of the day fish (2)Okay. This one really is almost too good to share. But since we’ll be camped out the night before, we figure there’s no danger of missing out on any of the choicest items at what we’re guessing will be the rummage sale of the century. Pretty much everything in, on, and around the American Visionary Art Museum is a thing of odd and curious beauty, so we imagine that whatever they’re hauling up out of the basement is probably pretty good, too. So mark your calendars for this Saturday, when from 9am until 1pm AVAM gives you the opportunity to dig through all of its hidden (until now) treasures.

AVAM Celebrates Halloween and Free Fall Baltimore



catch of the day fish (2)Those folks at the American Visionary Arts Museum really do know how to party. Just as Free Fall Baltimore comes to a close with the end of the month, AVAM ramps it up with a super-fun, free Halloween party for all. Tonight, it’s BYOPOG (that’s Bring Your Own Pumpkin Or Gourd) to AVAM’s Tall Sculpture Barn where you can “punk out your pumpkin or glam up your gourd” with all manner of paint, bling, and more provided by the museum. Admission to the museum is free this evening as well (4pm-7pm), so while your Jack-o-Lantern dries, you can peruse the museum’s perennially impressive exhibits. But wait—there’s more!

Farm to Chef to Benefit Days of Taste


Farm to Chef

catch of the day fish (2)What’s better than 30 of the area’s best chefs teaming up with 30 local farmers to square off in a culinary competition that all ends in you (the guest) sampling a smorgasbord of local, in-season, gourmet delights? Maybe when that event is actually a benefit for programs that bring food education to local school children—helping them to build a food and nutrition vocabulary (AKA arming them with the knowledge they need to become healthy-eating adults).  Well, next week, The American Institute of Wine and Food (AIWF) will present Farm to Chef—the food competition that brings local farmers into the equation as well (rather than simply focusing on the chefs—who are so often the most visible part of a food competition). Proceeds benefit the AIWF’s Days of Taste program for fourth and fifth graders, and should you choose to attend, the delicious products of the competition benefit you.

Baltimore Woman Receives Zaniest Wedding Proposal of All Time



The American Visionary Art Museum’s annual Kinetic Sculpture Race is one of Baltimore’s most gleefully deranged events. And probably not the place you would expect to be proposed to. But how else is a guy going to involve a 15-foot pink poodle?

Fun with Fifi – Volunteering at the Kinetic Sculpture Race

Fifi the Poodle (Fifi Kahlo) takes on the sandpit in 2012
Fifi the Poodle (Fifi Kahlo) takes on the sandpit in 2012

Baltimore is known for so many wonderful things.  We’re known for being SuperBowl champions, we’re known for Cal Ripken, Berger Cookies, The Wire, John Waters, Natty Boh, Johns Hopkins, our crabcakes, our harbor, and so very much more.  One of the most quintessentially “Baltimore” events is the Kinetic Sculpture Race each May.  Hosted by the much beloved American Visionary Arts Museum, the Kinetic Sculpture Race is equal parts brilliant and absurd. Their website defines a kinetic sculpture as “amphibious, human powered works of art custom built for the race.”  These sculptures travel a 15 mile course over 8 hours, from Federal Hill to Pratt Street, from a swim through the harbor in Canton to a race through mud and sand pits in Patterson Park.

Scavange this Saturday at the AVAM’s Barn Sale


Some of the greatest finds are found in the weirdest of places.  Wonderful pieces of jewelry come from the world’s dingiest street markets, and that painting you never knew you needed is generally in that random antique store you’ve only stepped in once in your life.  The main reason to even go to this sort of thing is to discover just what you’ve been missing your entire life.  Thankfully, the people who bring you the Kinetic Sculpture Race every May, and a multitude of other wonderful programs throughout the year at the American Visionary Arts Museum, are throwing a Barn Sale this Saturday.  From 9:00a – 4:00p, bring your own reusable bags and fill them to the brim with deals on the wonderful, absurd, and quixotic.  As they say on their site, ” Help us clear out our hoard & get your hands on some amazing artwork, books, cards & publications, copiers, computers & office supplies, vintage & not so vintage Apple equipment, retro AVAM & Kinetic memorabilia, plenty of art fixins, & loads more… it’s a picker’s paradise! Free & Open to the public, cash & credit accepted, all proceeds benefit AVAM.”

Anti-Bullying Post Secret Night at the AVAM

image courtesy of postsecret.com

Bullying is an issue that seems to always have plagued society.  Through the expansion of the internet and its evil spawn Social Media, bullying has reached a whole other realm, completely unfathomable to those of us who suffered enough torment as it was (or perhaps were the tormentors) with simple name calling and cruel note passing.  Nowadays, kids can slander one another online, pass rumors through the internet, and move far too many to depression or suicide.

Post Secret’s Frank Warren started his project back in 2005 and it has taken the world by storm ever since it’s inception.  People mail in anonymous postcards with their deepest confessions; Warren provides a safe space for the truth to finally come out.  On occasion  he provides a safe space for an open conversation about these very topics.  Tonight at the American Visionary Art Museum, Warren will do just that.  The AVAM will host an open dialogue, as presented by Warren and Post Secret, regarding bullying in our society.  Pulling on PostSecret submissions, while simultaneously allowing attendees to turn in their own, the goal is to have an open conversation about being bullied, being the bullier, and how to combat it in our society.