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British Baking Workshop with Make Tribe



catch of the day fish (2)The Brits aren’t exactly known for their national cuisine. British food is so often the punchline to jokes, or the lamentable low point of a European vacation. And yet, these people undeniably know their way around a pound of butter and some white flour. How could they not? These are the people who brought us tea parties and crumpets, after all. And now, all the secrets of fabulous British baking can be yours with a one-night-only workshop from Make Tribe.

Bread Baking Skill Supper at Dooby’s


Note: Since the posting of this article, we have learned that this event has been postponed. Stay tuned for a new date!

Skill Supper Baking

catch of the day fish (2)Fresh baked bread. Nothing beats it. The smell, the taste, the sound of a thick crust as you bite into it, and the soft, squishy insides that just melt in your mouth right afterward. Plus, there’s the whole ritual and process that goes into crafting such a creation. The fermenting. The kneading. The waiting. The punching (dough—not people). The kneading (again). The baking. It can take all day, or not, depending on your style and how dedicated you are to exactly replicating ancient techniques. But undeniably, it’s a process well worth the time and effort—and definitely worth taking the time to learn to do well. This is especially true if the learning comes with an amazing specialty dinner and instruction from local pros.

Renowned Baker Chris Ford Says Bye-Bye to Baltimore

Chris Ford's French macarons.
Chris Ford’s French macarons
Photo courtesy Eater
Chris Ford. Photo courtesy Eater.

Bummer. Celebrated Baker Chris Ford, who has been heading up the delectable offerings at the Baltimore Four Seasons, has taken a new job!  Eater reports that he will relocate to Beverly Hills to act as pastry chef for Thomas Keller’s Bouchon Bistro/Bakery. Ford won Food and Wine‘s “Best New Pastry Chef” in 2012.

Congrats Chris, we will miss you.  Your French macarons (not to be confused with macaroon!) were to die for!



Charm City Cook: Happy Snacking!

Take two friends and add a love of food and exquisite taste and you get Kinderhook Snacks. Marie Stratton and Katie Horn take snacking seriously and Baltimore absolutely should be thanking these creative, hardworking women. Whether you like salty or sweet (or both mixed together, duh), they have a snack for you. Choose from the crowd pleasers like salted chocolate chip cookies and baked cheddar cheese stamps or maybe some triple ginger cookies, bacon popcorn and spicy smokey mixed nuts. Check out all of their snacks!
Exciting times for Kinderhook – they’ve just signed a lease on their very own kitchen space! Now they need to raise $12,000 in order to equip the kitchen. Here is their beautiful Kickstarter video – give it a look and see their story. Good stuff.

Charm City Cook: Not Your Grandma’s Peach Pie


Don’t get me wrong. I love a classic peach pie, especially in the middle of the summer when peaches are in season. (And we all love Gram.) But, a friend of mine sent me this recipe last year and she said, “it’s not your typical super sweet peach pie – it’s a little different…I think you’ll really like it.” Um, yes. I loved it.