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BSO Hosts Free Concert at Noon Today



Much of the national media in recent days has painted a very one-sided picture of Baltimore. While Baltimore is plagued with some serious problems, it’s also a resilient, compassionate city with lots to offer. That’s why it’s so lovely to see that the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra’s response to the civil unrest in town has been to play a free concert. Open to everyone. This afternoon. 

The BSO Hid Golden Tickets All Over Maryland



Usually, we love the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra because they offer great music and a chance to get cultured for a relative bargain. Today, we love the BSO because they turned Baltimore into a chapter from Willy Wonka. The orchestra hid golden tickets all over Maryland.

Appreciate Culture? Move to Baltimore


Baltimore Symphony November 20, 2008

It’s not news to us here in Baltimore that our city has fantastic culture, including one of the best symphonies in the entire U.S. But it’s still nice to see other people catching on!

Backstage with the BSO’s Canine Celebrities



The Baltimore Symphony Orchestra and the Folger Theatre put on A Midsummer Night’s Dream last weekend. Among the play’s eight actors, one walked on four legs–perhaps following in the Baltimore Shakespeare Factory, which employs homeless cats and dogs in its productions, the BSO decided it needed a dog star of its own.

The Baltimore Symphony Orchestra’s Brilliant Plan to Save Classical Music and Journalism–At the Same Time!


Baltimore Symphony November 20, 2008

Journalism and classical music: two beloved, long-standing institutions that are having a hard time making it in today’s world. But put them together, and you get an ingenious plan that benefits both sides.

Legendary Film Composer to Conduct BSO Tuesday


By “legendary film composer” I mean John Williams, of course — the man behind the scores to Star Wars and Indiana Jones and E.T. and Jaws and Superman and Lincoln, etc. Williams will be conducting the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra in a program entitled “John Williams Movie Spectacular” at the Mayerhoff on Tuesday to benefit the musicians’ pension fund.

Women Are Taking Over Baltimore’s Art Institutions



This week, the Walters Art Museum welcomed its new director, Julia Marciari-Alexander. Marciari-Alexander replaces Gary Vikan, a 27-year veteran of the institution, and joins Doreen Bolger (director of the Baltimore Museum of Art) and Rebecca Hoffberger (director of the American Visionary Art Museum) to make a trifecta of badass women in charge of the city’s largest art institutions.