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Beach House to play homecoming show at Hippodrome in June

Photo by Shawn Brackbill.

Still on the road in support of the excellent album “7,” Baltimore duo Beach House is returning home this summer for a local show at one of the city’s grandest venues, the Hippodrome Theatre.

Beach House shares ‘Dark Spring’ off forthcoming album ‘7’

Beach House shares 'Dark Spring' off forthcoming album '7'
Photo by Shawn Brackbill.

Local duo Beach House released another track, “Dark Spring,” off the forthcoming release “7,” and it’s yet another example of the band pushing its sound.

Beach House releases new track ‘Dive,’ announces new album details

Photo by Shawn Brackbill.

After dropping the delightful “Lemon Glow” and a cryptic message about a forthcoming album last month, local dream-pop duo Beach House returned this morning with a new song, “Dive,” and a name and release date for their seventh album, the appropriately titled “7.”

Beach House Releases ‘Lemon Glow,’ Announces Forthcoming Album

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As a Valentine’s Day gift to Baltimore and the rest of the world, local dream-pop duo Beach House released the new track “Lemon Glow” last night. The synths and distorted guitar notes give the band’s signature a trippy edge and slight sense of foreboding, both welcome additions to Beach House’s melange of drum machine beats, Alex Scally’s swirling guitars, and Victoria Legrand’s keys and supple vocals.

Dan Deacon, Future Islands to Headline Pier Six

Future Islands
Future Islands

catch of the day fish (2)The only bad part about Baltimore bands blowing up is that they don’t actually play Baltimore very often anymore. For a trio of Baltimore-based indie acts, however, visiting home has its perks. Now, they can get a show at Pier Six.

Beach House Set to Release New Album, Depression Cherry


beachhouse-depressioncherry-web-covercatch of the day fish (2)Here’s one more way to Beach House on the brain as summer starts. For the first time in three years, Beach House — the band — are set to release a new album. The swooning starlets of Baltimore’s music scene will release Depression Cherry on August 28, via Sub Pop Records.

    Beach House’s Alex Scally Writes Some “Really Rotten Office Music” for New Lola Pierson Play



    Photo by Robyn Quick

    In recent years, playwright and director Lola Pierson has become a fixture of Baltimore’s theater scene. Her group Un Saddest Factory organized four years of the celebrated and always sold-out Ten Minute Play Festival. And now her new independent theater company Acme Corporation is putting on her latest play — “Office Ladies” — which scored a very optimistic preview in the Sun and a glowing review in the City Paper.

    The play, like much of Pierson’s previous work, includes “a lot of meta-theater stuff in it and a lot of nonlinear narrative,” as well as “a lot of people not really talking to each other.” And if that doesn’t sound like the makings of a charming, engaging theater experience, then you’ve probably never seen a Lola Pierson play before. Turning cerebral and formally adventurous character studies into well-paced comedies is a special skill of hers.

    Baltimore’s Beach House Ripped Off by Volkswagen; Internet Drama Ensues


    The problem with success is that it attracts the attention of sneaks, cheats, and people bent on exploitation. It may be an old story, but this particular spin on it is one we haven’t heard before:  the good guys are hometown heroes Beach House, and the baddies are Volkswagen. Yes, the car company.

    A year or so ago, Volkswagen (via its ad agency DDB) started hassling Beach House about using the 2010 song “Take Care” in an ad. The duo declined the (generous) financial offer. DDB kept coming back and offering more money — and the band kept declining. Simple enough, right? Except that DDB apparently couldn’t take no for an answer. Instead, they hired a bunch of Beach House sound-alikes to make a close approximation of the song for the ad spot. The real song features Victoria LeGrand’s dreamy, soaring vocals promising “I’d take care of you”; the knock-off song in the ad has a suspiciously similar-sounding woman crooning “I’ll watch over you.” The songs are so close in sound that Beach House fans were tweeting about hearing the dream pop duo in the ad — which is apparently just what Volkswagon wanted. (Watch the ad and hear the original song below the jump.)

    A Big Couple of Days for Baltimore-Duo Beach House


    Beach House have fans caught a couple of exciting announcements in the last couple of days. The Baltimore-based duo is set to play Pitchfork Music Festival this summer, organizers announced today. They’ve also just released a music video for “Lazuli,” one of the tracks of their new album Bloom.

    The video captures the mystical, grandiose moods that run through “Lazuli,” and really through the entirety of Bloom. It jogs the local and the cosmic, moving between focuses like the dilations of that eye between 4:22 – 4:44.  Check it out below.

    Pitchfork Music Festival is a three-day concert sponsored by the popular indie-music-oriented website.  It runs July 13-15 in Chicago’s Union Park.  Beach House is one of a couple of Baltimore bands playing the event – Lower Dens will also be making an appearance. You can see Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally play on Pitchfork’s Red stage at 7:25pm on the 15th.

    Beach House started out of Baltimore, and released their self-titled first album in 2004 to significant critical acclaim.  Bloom, the group’s fourth album, marks an even higher point on the band’s still upward trajectory.

    Summer Memories, Waiting For You In Rehoboth


    HOT HOUSE: 15 Oak Avenue, Rehoboth Beach, De. 19971

    Cedar shingled, Craftsman style beach cottage, eight doors from the ocean in north Rehoboth. Built in 2008, with four bedrooms and five full baths over three stories. 3,500 sq. ft. includes large, screened front porch: $2,499,000

    What:  “Oh please, Dad?” This classic east coast beach house stands ready to hold generations of your family’s summer memories. There are several similar “cottages” on the market right now in Rehoboth, some a little bigger, all “ocean block” and all about the same price. 15 Oak Avenue has the most curb appeal, which is how it made the cut.

    Featured in Delaware Beach Life in 2009 (fish out your old copy from under the bed), it also won the Main Street Cottage Award in 2008. A custom home, virtually new, it is presumably not in need of any work, now or any time in the near future. It has central air, as well a three season screened porch, and a small back yard — professionally landscaped and irrigated.  Realtor says all Rehoboth beach properties have 50’x100’ lots. 

    The four bedrooms are all described as “masters,” and it’s true that they are good sized, with adjoining bathrooms. You could easily fill one up with bunk beds and sleep four or more children there. There are several walk-in closets, and bathrooms are all modern.  The kitchen has a large breakfast bar, new appliances and a great looking, six-burner industrial range that’s slightly unexpected in a beach house. It’s all very nice, and most important, eight houses from the beach. So take that $2.5 million you’ve got gathering dust, plunk it down right here and make everyone happy…for a change.

    Where: Oak Avenue is at the north end of the boardwalk, at a slight, but very walkable remove from the action of downtown.  It is also near the Rehoboth Bay Sailing Association, which has tennis courts, and Cape Henlopen State Park, which has walking and biking trails. Rehoboth is about 21/2 hours from Baltimore.

    Why: Beach.

    Why Not: Summer memories will include kids screaming during sweltering traffic jams on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge.

    NB: No garage, but nice outdoor shower.