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Ben Carson Kicks Off First Day as HUD Secretary by Comparing Slaves to Immigrants

Still via HUD/Facebook Live

Our new secretary of housing and urban development had a rough first day on the job, earning ridicule from the black community, civil rights advocates and everyday people with a reasonable grasp of U.S. history for comparing modern African-Americans’ ancestors to “immigrants.”

Visit Baltimore to Host Celebration of City’s Rich Black History


Walking around some of Baltimore’s historic neighborhoods, it’s easy to spot statues, plaques, murals and other memorabilia paying homage to the city’s most important black historic figures. To encapsulate some of their greatness, the city’s tourism office will hold a free, family-friendly celebration of black history in Baltimore next weekend.

Baltimore Singer Joy Postell Speaks Out on Racial Oppression in ‘Consciousness’

Courtesy Joy Postell
Courtesy Joy Postell

Baltimore-based neo-soul artist Joy Postell has some powerful words to share about systemic racism, police brutality and black empowerment in her newest music video, which premiered yesterday on Noisey.

Hey, Baltimore — Feel Like Solving a Mystery?


Z9.584.PP8 Detective room, Police Department

The Maryland Historical Society Library has uncovered a disturbing photo — or, at least, an apparently disturbing photo. A crowd of masked men in dark suits and bowler  hats cluster in the corner of the room, staring at a black man who’s standing on a kind of podium. The atmosphere is one of anticipation, of something on the brink of happening — but what? The MHSL archivists have no idea. “What is happening to this man? Why are the men wearing masks? Are they police officers? Are they a jury? Stare a little longer and other questions arise: What year would this be? Why are two of the men seen above not wearing masks? Why does the African-American man seem so calm?” a MHSL representative writes on their blog. And because their own experts (and a few that they imported) haven’t been able to solve the mystery yet, they’re turning to the public. So, what do you think? See any clues?