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BSO Director Says OrchKids Program “All About Possibility”

Marin Alsop
Baltimore Symphony Orchestra Director Marin Alsop. Photo courtesy of the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation.

On Monday, NPR again turned its coverage to Baltimore, this time to put the spotlight on OrchKids, a community music program run by the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra.

BSO Set to Play Pixar’s Greatest Hits


catch of the day fish (2)You know the BSO is world renowned, but you’ve never been to the Meyerhoff. You may think of the symphony as an event that’s not right for kids, or you may be worried that you’ll lose focus because you don’t know the music. The orchestra’s weekend concert allays both fears at once.

The BSO Hid Golden Tickets All Over Maryland



Usually, we love the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra because they offer great music and a chance to get cultured for a relative bargain. Today, we love the BSO because they turned Baltimore into a chapter from Willy Wonka. The orchestra hid golden tickets all over Maryland.

The Baltimore Symphony Orchestra’s Brilliant Plan to Save Classical Music and Journalism–At the Same Time!


Baltimore Symphony November 20, 2008

Journalism and classical music: two beloved, long-standing institutions that are having a hard time making it in today’s world. But put them together, and you get an ingenious plan that benefits both sides.

The BSO Announces its 2014-15 Season


BSO 2014

catch of the day fish (2)Bum-bah-duh-bum-bum-bum-bummmm! Or how about Da-da-da-dahhhh Da-da-da-dahhhh! Okay, so no one ever said that classical instrumental music translates well to being crudely transcribed into onomatopoeic syllables, but how else are we supposed to convey the resonance, the booming, the swells of sound that seem almost able to scoop you out of your chair, they’re so powerful? Better to let the work speak for itself, we think. And luckily, Marin Alsop and the BSO have just announced the season for this coming year. It’s chock full of work by the usual classic suspects as well as work by some of the finest living contemporary composers.

The Nutcracker at the Lyric


The Nutracker at the Lyric in Baltimore

catch of the day fish (2)As a child, I didn’t much care for watching or participating in ballet. But I was a big fan of all things that involved playing pretend, dressing up in costumes, and generally being covered head to toe in tulle and sequins and feathers. Thus, my first experience of the Nutcracker was actually attending the local ballet school’s annual fundraising rummage sale, where they sold off all of the worn out, old costumes, many of them from the Nutcracker. Priced at less than a dollar a piece, my mother was thrilled to be able to hand over a few dollars and take me home with a lifetime’s supply of tutus, headdresses, sequined ankle thingys, and more.  On the way I asked her why the ballet school had such amazing things, and why on Earth they would get rid of them. Over the drive, she explained to me what the Nutcracker was, and the next year we went to see my neighbor perform in it—she played a mouse.

BSA + BSO + MICA = A New Nutcracker Not to Be Missed


Everything’s looking up for the BSA’s holiday show: New place, partnerships and prices, too.

For its annual production of The Nutcracker, the Baltimore School for the Arts has teamed with two other Baltimore cultural organizations: the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra and Maryland Institute College of Art. The show will also upgrade to the Modell Performing Arts Center at the Lyric. The classic holiday ballet will feature more than 120 dancers from BSA, its TWIGS program, and its faculty and friends (party scene only!); BSO musicians; and new backdrops painted by MICA students.

Baltimore Symphony Orchestra Band Camp



Photo courtesy of the New York Times

The New York Times feature on band camp at the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra took front and center in the Arts & Leisure section of the paper’s Sunday edition. The first-person account of the week-long program shares the experience of working with and learning from the BSO pros:

Bill Clinton Is Coming to Baltimore


Maryland recently found herself haunted by faces of our possible presidential futures. Soon she will get a visitation from our presidential past. Bill Clinton will come to Baltimore to kick off the 2012-2013 of Stevenson University’s Baltimore Speakers Series at the Meyerhoff Symphony Hall on October 16.

The press release announcing next season’s lineup calls Clinton’s presidency “a time of unprecedented prosperity and change.” Man, rub our faces in it, whydontcha! Still, it could be nice to go see him speak, imagine him with darker hair, and pretend it’s the ’90s again.

Problem is, the only way to get a ticket to escape for a little bit into America’s pre 9/11 golden age and hear some probably undeservedly hopeful talk about globalization and “a common future based on shared goals and values” is to buy a series subscription, which ranges from $265 to $395 per person. So even if you’re die-hard Clinton-head, if you’re not big into Jeanette Walls, Lisa Ling, P.W. Singer, Erskine Bowles, Vicente Fox, and Nando Parrado, it might not be worth it.