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Buying Safe Seafood in Baltimore’s Fishbowl

Healthy Choice Seafood Guide
Excellent chart listing healthy & sustainable seafood courtesy of Washington State’s Dept. of Health

Laurel Peltier writes GreenLaurel.com, a monthly alert about environmentally friendly practices for everyday living. Beginning today, she will write regularly about the environment for the Baltimore Fishbowl. – The Eds.

Buying healthy and sustainable seafood locally is fishy business. Two factors have collided in recent years that have made choosing fish and shellfish complicated; we’ve eaten too many fish, and the fish that are left swim in polluted ocean waters. 

But no fear, we won’t leave you hanging on the line because right here in Baltimore lives Dave Love, a renowned scientist at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. With Love’s help, we’ll point out the good fishing holes and offer direction on how to choose sustainable and healthy seafood. Hopefully smart seafood picks today will ensure future generations will have access to healthy and plentiful seafood tomorrow.