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Eager Marylanders Set Record for Turnout on First Day of Early Voting

Courtesy Mayor SRB/Twitter
Courtesy Mayor SRB/Twitter

Citizens around Baltimore and the rest of the state are clearly excited to get to the polls this election season. State officials say a record 125,914 voters showed up for day one of early voting yesterday.

Wear To Vote

Patriotic Accessories from Liza Byrd Boutique
Patriotic Accessories from Liza Byrd Boutique

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Feeling fired up after the first presidential debate Monday night?

Record Number of Early Voters in Maryland


Voters approve

It’s an exciting year for elections, what with the primary drama in the presidential election and the hotly contested mayoral race in Baltimore. 

Ben Carson Tries to Stop Pro-Ben Carson Merchandise



CafePress is a longstanding online marketplace where users can make stickers, t-shirts, and mousepads out of whatever image they want. And apparently, some people want Ben Carson For President 2016 merch. But do you know who doesn’t want you to buy a “Ben Carson Is My Homeboy” t-shirt from CafePress? Ben Carson.

Is O’Malley Breaking the Rules?



Martin O’Malley is doing everything it takes to run for president–attacking rivals; frequent trips to Iowa; selfies–except actually admitting that he’s running for president. Which might actually be against the law.

Hillary Clinton sends Bill to Md. fundraiser, cites granddaughter



High-rolling Dem donors of Maryland who were hoping to bend the ear of could-be presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton tonight will have to settle for Bubba. According to the Baltimore Sun, the Clintons made a last-second decision to have former president Bill Clinton headline a fundraiser for Maryland gubernatorial candidate Anthony G. Brown in place of his wife. Hillary chalked up the cancellation to the old  “spending more time with her family.” This time, however, she really means it. Really.  

Baltimore County Elected Official Gets in Trouble for Stealing Wife’s Opponent’s Signs



Maybe I’ve been watching too much House of Cards, but when I hear the phrase “political scandal” I think murder/drugs/sex — or at least a little blackmail. But the current scandal plaguing Maryland Commissioner of Labor and Industry J. Ronald DeJuliis is much less exciting, and much more petty: According to the Baltimore Sun, DeJuliis is accused of tearing down campaign signs supporting the man who’s running against DeJuliis’s wife in the Democratic primary race for state senate.

Baltimore’s Middle Schoolers Elect Obama, Support Marriage Equality, Veto Casinos

Photo by Karen Castillo in Washington D.C.

Did you hear? Obama won, same-sex couples can get married, and Maryland won’t get any more casinos. Sounds pretty good to me, I’ve gotta say — unfortunately, the voters in question were in middle school, so they don’t actually get to weigh in on the issues in real life. But still, these are the kinds of results that make me hopeful for the future.

Bad Bet: Casino Backer Offends Same-Sex Marriage and Dream Act Advocates


Tomorrow Marylanders vote on many important items, not just whether to reelect Barack Obama, but Questions 4 (The Well-Named Dream Act, which allows immigrant kids who are state residents to pay the same tuition as other Maryland residents if their parents have paid taxes and proved stand-up), 5 (Sneaky Redistricting Map), 6 (Same-Sex Marriage), 7 (Jobs and Schools? Nope…Casinos: table games everywhere + a big, brand-new casino in Prince Georges County). Because this is a blog/opinion post, I’ll admit I have memorized a simple yes, no, yes, no mnemonic for 4, 5, 6, 7. Plus, as backup because I’m forgetful, coined the dorky phrases: “I am 4 racial equality, 5’s a jive, 6 is sexy and fair, 7’s unlucky, lady.” And speaking of keeping the numbers and yeas and nays straight, I was pleased to read yesterday in The Baltimore Sun that the casino-brained developers of National Harbor have handed supporters of both same-sex marriage (goodbye, Dark Ages!) and the Dream Act (is that you, American Dream?) good reason to vote N-O on 7.