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Challenges lie ahead for The Boring Company’s D.C.-Baltimore ‘Loop’ tunneling plan

Photo via Gov. Larry Hogan/Facebook

In late March, The Boring Company, Elon Musk’s headline-grabbing, tunnel-digging venture released new specs revealing a pared-down version of his much-hyped Hyperloop plan. The newer version, dubbed the Loop (sans “hyper”), would utilize autonomous electric skates, each carrying eight to 16 passengers or a single passenger vehicle, to zoom between the cities at 125 to 150 mph., or within roughly 15 minutes, the company says.

But the new information about the high-speed transit plan has spurred additional skepticism. Musk has said he plans to construct it without public financing, but would it require Maryland or D.C. to help with operations? Will surrounding communities suffer from the presence of two 14-foot-wide tunnels with autonomous pods zooming through? And can a machine really bore a pair of 35-mile tunnels in less than two years?

D.C. grants permit for Musk to dig for his Washington-Baltimore ‘Hyperloop’ tunnel

A planned dig site in Halethorpe. Photo via Gov. Larry Hogan/Facebook

Maryland is now one of two East Coast government agencies that’s willing to let Elon Musk dig beneath the earth in hopes of building a vacuum-like, tube-based transportation system.

Gov. Hogan is Now Backing Elon Musk’s D.C.-Baltimore ‘Hyperloop’ Idea

A sign for The Boring Company in Anne Arundel County. Photo via Gov. Larry Hogan/Twitter.

A tube-based, vacuum-like electric transportation system is going to be built across dozens of miles along an underground stretch of Maryland, our governor says.

Elon Musk Claims ‘Verbal’ Government Approval to Build NY-Philly-Baltimore-DC Hyperloop

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Elon Musk is stealing the MagLev’s thunder today, sending out a viral series of tweets about a proposed underground East Coast “Hyperloop” train that would run through Baltimore.