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JFX Farmer’s Market to Extend Hours for Holiday Season

image via BOPA
image via BOPA

The Baltimore Farmer’s Market and Bazaar is rounding the corner toward the end of the season. But at least as days gets shorter the market stays open longer.

Get on the Bus: GoGo’s Retread Threads


 Gogo's vintage in Baltimore

Food trucks, schmood trucks. Give us clothing trucks! Or, clothing buses, really. Or actually clothing, shoes, accessories and jewelry buses. And also can you make all of that stuff vintage? And can you make the person who stocks, decorates, and drives said bus be super fun to play dress-up and chat with? And also, can you make the bus show up at our favorite places and events—like farmer’s markets and neighborhood street fairs? Does this sound like too specific of a fantasy? If so, blame Stacey of Gogo’s Retread Threads for setting the bar this high for vintage shopping bar for Baltimore.

With such a great collection of unique goods, and a funkily-painted mobile store (yes, it is a repurposed school bus) it’s no wonder Gogo’s was just named “Best Vintage” by the City Paper. We’d been noticing Stacey and her bus for a while now (they’re hard to miss) at the Sunday farmer’s market, which is one of her regular spots. If you can’t make it to the Sunday market (though you should—it’s the best), you can also find her at the Towson and JFX farmer’s markets regularly, and stalk her and the goods via her Facebook page, which reveals upcoming stops.

Follow Gogo’s Retread Threads at: www.gogosretreadthreads.com

Local Farms Get Techno-Sexy


My job at Safeway basically consists of signing people up for the company’s mobile app (which is called Just for U and is awesome and if you shop there you should totally sign up for it). Safeway’s pretty proud of itself for the app – when I was getting briefed on it my manager told me how it was one of the first of its kind, how Safeway has the largest digital coupon center in the world, all that. It really is a good program, but I’ve got some news for Safeway: you’re not the only ones going mobile.

Right now, all over the country, farmers have been turning to mobile apps to save time and money, and to increase communication with consumers. This isn’t just the Safeway’s and the Dole’s out there – it’s farmers market, local-produce types using technology to level the playing field, even if ever so slightly, against agribusiness.

A Farmer’s Market Every Day of the Week

Photo of Hidden Harvest Farm by Ami Dang

Potential disaster alert:  It’s Tuesday in Baltimore and you’ve run out of kale. Lucky for you, there’s no need to wait until the weekend to re-stock your kitchen with produce from local farms. Baltimore has an abundance of farmer’s markets in all parts of the city, on all days of the week. Our roundup of a week’s worth of fresh produce is below. Got a favorite we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments.

Charm City Cook: The Last Days of Local Strawberries and Rhubarb


Oh, say it ain’t so…This just may be the last week or two of local strawberries and rhubarb at the farmers market. I highly recommend getting the rhubarb from Gardeners Gourmet (the folks with the lovely salad greens, herbs, cabbage and radishes…) and the strawberries from the“pea man” Thomas McCarthy of Woodside Greenhouse. (And be sure to get some peas from Mr. McCarthy. They are the best and don’t last long!)

While I can still get strawberries and rhubarb, I’m making this! My chickens will be happy – they love strawberry hulls more than anything…

Charm City Cook: Getting Your Share of Local Produce

I love Waverly Farmers Market. It’s year round and I shop there every Saturday morning, buying everything from milk and cheese to meat, bread, eggs, potatoes, greens and more.

But…when spring rolls around, it’s lots more fun. Sorta like payback for being a faithful market shopper. You see more familiar faces and you can tell what month it is based on what’s at the farmers’ booths. Here in Maryland, shortly we’ll start seeing asparagus, strawberries, peas, radishes, blueberries. Then later, squash, corn, tomatoes, melons and so much more in between. Cannot wait. I can taste the fresh peas now.

Soon on Harford Road: Farmers’ Market Quality Five Days a Week


Face it: When you need to do a serious veggie shop, jockeying for counter position among the dogs and strollers at the weekend farmers’ markets is not as fun as it is festive. And what if you’re jonesing for an heirloom tomato on a Wednesday? Enter Green Onion, the latest addition to the “Clempire” of Winston Blick, owner of Clementine Fine Foods in Hamilton. The new retail store, at 5500 Harford Road, is undergoing renovation, but in about a month, you’ll be able to get your market on every day of the week. Soon, bins and cases will be overflowing with grass-fed beef, exotic lettuces, exquisite cheeses, and those heirloom tomatoes you crave. You will even find some of the restaurant’s most popular condiments and foods offered to go—like jams and relishes, homemade sausage and pickles, and our favorite, Green Goddess salad dressing. In case you haven’t been back east in awhile, the Harford Road corridor has become a haven for highbrow eaters, with the award-winning patés from the Chameleon Café, memorable muffins from the Red Canoe, the Hamilton Tavern’s burgers, Chef Mac’s Louisiana cuisine and live blues, Koco’s crab cakes, and, yes, those tempting Tuesday tacos at Clementine. And the neighborhoods of greater Lauraville just got upper-crustier with the opening of Hamilton Bakery next door.

We’re not saying that shopping in a Waverly parking lot or under the Jones
Falls Expressway on a hot summer morning doesn’t have its charms. (Some of your weekly faves are available nowhere else.) But Green Onion will certainly make it easy to sleep late most weekends.

To Market


If your weekends are too crazy to make a trip to the market, there’s another chance to get your greens on during the week. From May 19 through November 17th, the Johns Hopkins Hospital Green Team sponsors a Farmers’ Market on the East Baltimore campus at the Jefferson Street Pathway near the Cancer Research Buildings, every Thursday from 10:00am to 2:00pm, rain or shine. Local farmers and food vendors will be selling fruits, vegetables, flowers, honey, coffees and teas, baked goods, pork, poultry, beef, cheeses, ice cream, and more. The JHH Green Team will be on-site collecting eye-glasses, cell phones, and pens for recycling. Cash is accepted by all vendors; other forms of payment may vary.