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With Successful Fundraiser, A Nonprofit Video Store is Coming to Baltimore

DVDs on a shelf. Photo via Wikimedia Commons.

Beyond Video, the brainchild of seven local artists and film gurus, has successfully raised $30,000 in a Kickstarter, which means Baltimore will soon see the return of the in-person video store.

Filmmaker Matthew Porterfield Expects ‘Sollers Point’ to be in Theaters by Early 2019

Photo via Johns Hopkins University

Local filmmaker Matthew Porterfield says he’s hopeful his next made-in-Maryland movie, “Sollers Point,” will be in theaters sometime in early 2019.

Maryland Film Festival Opens Today with New Film Center and Enormous Local Talent

The newly renovated Parkway Theater officially opens today.

The 19th annual Maryland Film Festival opens Wednesday, May 3, with the opening night shorts program and gala, followed by four full days of excellent independent film.

Baltimore School for the Arts’ New Film Program Builds on Success of Summer Pilot Course

Students await their turn to audition for the Baltimore School for the Arts’ new film program on Feb. 11, 2017. Photo courtesy of Baltimore School for the Arts.

Shannon Hutchinson, a senior in the Baltimore School for the Arts’ acting program, is used to playing characters on stage and screen. Last summer, however, she had a chance to learn just how much work goes on behind the scenes to make a good film, thanks to a pilot program offered by her school.

“Sometimes it’s hard to conceptualize until you’re behind the camera seeing what the frame actually is,” she said.

Writers Guild Honoring John Waters with Lifetime Achievement Award

Photo by Al

Filmmaker, writer, artist and comedian John Waters has built his iconic career upon a body of work made right here in Baltimore. Now, he’ll have a lifetime achievement from the Writers Guild of America, East to show for it, too.

Don’t Worry, That Plane Crash Is Fake



Okay, maybe it won't be quite THIS dramatic
Okay, maybe it won’t be quite THIS dramatic

If you happen to be cruising south of Baltimore on Route 50 this week and you notice a massive plume of billowing black smoke, don’t panic. 

“Restored! Revolting!”: John Waters’s Multiple Maniacs Re-Release Announced



Finally, we have the long-awaited details about the re-release of Multiple Maniacs, filmmaker John Waters’ 1970 “celluloid atrocity” starring Divine and a giant lobster let loose in the streets of Baltimore. 

Move Over Hairspray, Multiple Maniacs is Coming




Hairspray and Pink Flamingos have been getting plenty of buzz lately, but another John Waters film may soon share the spotlight. Multiple Maniacs, a 1970 film starring Divine and not currently in commercial distribution, is headed to the market.

Johns Hopkins Gives Cameras to Baltimore Kids



One of the most celebrated photographers of the year was a self-taught Baltimorean who rose to prominence by shooting striking, candid images of his city during this year’s unrest and afterward. Thanks to a $1.6 million grant from the Mellon Foundation, Johns Hopkins’s new youth filmmaking program will help train more of Baltimore’s young people to document their world on film.

French Film Examines Baltimore Club Music



Sometimes it’s the outsiders who are able to see things the most clearly. That’s one way to explain Baltimore Where You At?, a documentary by French filmmaker Tim Moreau that sheds light on Baltimore’s homegrown club music scene.

Let’s Give Some Attention to a Different Obstacle-Overcoming Hopkins Doc



Johns Hopkins neurosurgeon Ben Carson has been front-page news for months now. All the press attention to Carson makes it easy to forget that there are plenty of other amazing, brilliant physicians at Hopkins, including some that have overcome difficult odds to become leaders in their fields (and not presidential candidates). 

Johns Hopkins Was in Sleepless in Seattle?! And Other Hollywood Surprises…

A scene from "House of Cards" that was filmed on the JHU campus.
A scene from “House of Cards” that was filmed on the JHU campus.

I knew that Johns Hopkins was one of many Baltimore locations that had a cameo role in House of Cards. But I didn’t know until today that the university also has a starring role in a Nicole Kidman bio-thriller, a Chris Rock comedy, and everyone’s favorite Tom Hanks/Meg Ryan rom-com.

Johns Hopkins Adds New Master’s Program in Film

Rendering of the new Parkway Theatre, where the new film/media program will be based
Rendering of the new Parkway Theatre, where the new film/media program will be based

The Johns Hopkins film and media studies department keeps getting bigger and better. This week, the university announced that it would be offering a new master’s program in film and media, with a particular focus on the business of film, writing for film and television, and sound production.

California Steals Veep From Baltimore

Governor Martin O'Malley schmoozes with the cast of Veep
Governor Martin O’Malley schmoozes with the cast of Veep

HBO’s political satire Veep filmed four seasons in Baltimore, gussying the city up so it resembled Washington, DC. But according to the Los Angeles Times, it’s time for Baltimore to bid adieu to the show, which will be relocating to Los Angeles to film its next season.

    Maryland Film Festival This Week



    catch of the day fish (2)This past week’s turmoil has meant many cancellations and postponements. But curfew or no, it seems that the Maryland Film Festival is on track to proceed as scheduled. And we’re tremendously grateful. This annual smorgasbord of cinema is not only fun, it’s educational and inspiring. The films (and filmmakers) come from all over the country and all over the world–making for marvelously diverse programming every day of the festival.