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Mixed improvements recorded in Baltimore’s waterways in 2017, including less poop, per new report

Mr. Trash Wheel collects waste at the mouth of the Jones Falls. Photo by Nick Normal, via Flickr.

In a very welcome change from 2016, fecal bacteria levels improved drastically in many areas of Baltimore’s harbor and streams, according to findings published today by the nonprofit Waterfront Partnership of Baltimore. Still, it remains to be seen if that’s part of a larger trend.

City Approves $430M ‘Headworks’ Project Designed to Fix Baltimore’s Underground Sewage Backup

Waste “digesters” at the Back River Wastewater Treatment Plant. Photo via Wikimedia Commons.

A plan is moving forward to stop the miles-long sewage buildup that causes fecal matter to flow into Baltimore’s waterways nearly every time it rains.

Greenlaurel: Beneath the Surface of Baltimore Harbor’s Failing Clean-Up Grade

The Waterfront Partnership and Baltimore City have joined paddles to expand the affordable public kayaking program.

At face value, the 2016 Healthy Harbor Report is pretty depressing. Another year of failing grades in swimming stats and fecal matter and pollutant levels. But if you dive beneath the surface, there’s a clear story of progress, pipes and partnership. If only time could speed up a bit so we could all enjoy — maybe even swim — in a cleaner Baltimore Harbor sooner, rather than later.

Urban Landscape: Kevin Spacey Identified as Buyer of $5.65 Million Inner Harbor Pier Home; Demolition in Mount Vernon; Baltimore Clayworks Agrees to ‘Dialogue’ with Opponents

Kevin Spacey at the Berlin Film Festival in 2011. Photo via Wikimedia Commons.

Actor Kevin Spacey has been identified as the mystery buyer of the $5.65 million Pier Home at Harborview that sold earlier this year, according to local real estate agents and others familiar with the transaction.

June ‘Floatilla’ Expanded to Include Rally to Support the Chesapeake Bay Program

A shot of last year’s Floatilla, via the Healthy Harbor Initiative

A scheduled fundraiser to support Baltimore’s Healthy Harbor Initiative has been broadened to include a land-based rally in support of the Chesapeake Bay Program, which the Trump administration has proposed to eliminate.

Workers Have Been Stranded on Ship in Baltimore’s Harbor For a Month

Baltimore’s harbor

Eighteen passengers have been stuck aboard a ship. It may sound like the setup for a short story, but it’s happening in the Baltimore harbor.

Baltimore’s Harbor Isn’t as Dirty as it Used to Be, But Still Gets an F


Baltimore_inner_harbor (1)The water in Baltimore’s harbor is still dirty and got an F on its 2014 report card, but there are signs of improvement. Gwynns Falls even managed to eek out a D-.

The Waterfront Partnership Presents the Harbor Harvest


Harbor Harvest

catch of the day fish (2)Fall fun is all over the place this season, but you don’t need to go to the country to get your fill. While hay bales, pumpkin-picking, and cider-drinking are staples of the season, sometimes getting out of the city to find them can be more of a chore than is proper. This weekend, you can head right on down to the harbor and find all your fall must-dos right in the comfort of the city. On Sunday, October 19th, the Waterfront Partnership of Baltimore is bringing it all to us with its  7th Annual Harbor Harvest at West Shore Park.

House of the Day: Sunny Brick Townhouse, New Renovation, Walk To Harbor


17 Churchill Street West, Federal Hill
3 bedroom(s), 4 bathroom(s)
17 Churchill Street West
17 Churchill Street West
17 Churchill Street West

The Tiki Barge is Open!


Tiki Barge

catch of the day fish (2)Often enough, great things come with a bit of controversy. When we first heard that our friends were going to a fun, summer tiki bar for drinks a few years ago, we were intrigued. Frosty drinks, great views, the whole being-at-a-bar experience plus being-in-the-pool to boot? We were into it. But it would seem that running a bar/tiki lounge/community pool/ tourist attraction has its complications. And each year, whether the barge will open, and when, and to whom has been seemed precarious. Well, ready or not, it’s open for the 2013 season. That’s the good news. The oh-but-we-liked-it-better-before news is that the pool itself is now members only. But members can bring guests (for a fee) and anyone is welcome to come soak up the summer fun, sun, and drinks any time.