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Opioid Addiction Hits Harford County Hard

Photo via National Geographic

Prince’s death is widely being attributed to complications stemming from opioid addiction, the latest drug panic to sweep America.

Onion Makes Fun of Baltimore’s Heroin Epidemic

Photo via National Geographic

Last year, Baltimore’s opiate problem was the stuff of (unflattering) mainstream news reports. Now the Onion has seized on city’s drug problem as fodder for satire.

Former Baltimore Mayor Regrets the “War on Drugs”



The so-called “war on drugs” isn’t going well– 44,000 Americans die every year from drug overdoses, more than are killed by either car accidents or gun violence. 

Maryland State Fair Ride Operator Found Dead of Possible Overdose


maryland-state-fair-e1345724683337A 22-year-old woman who worked operating a ride at the Maryland State Fair was found dead in a trailer near the fairgrounds of a possible heroin overdose, according to Baltimore County police.

New Plan for Baltimore’s Heroin Battle: 24-7 Treatment, DontDie.Org

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Screen shot from DontDie.org

About 18,900 people in Baltimore City use heroin, according to a report released by a task force assigned to looking at treatment options in the city. The document also includes a plan designed to get that number down.

Life-Saving Heroin Antidote Costs Too Much, Says Congressman


Naloxone-Kit-pic211As heroin (and fentanyl) overdoses increase citywide, statewide and nationwide, first responders are looking for more access to naloxone, a drug that can reverse the effects of an overdose. With demand up, the price has risen. But Congressman Elijah Cummings thinks Maryland is getting a bad deal.

Heroin, Pain Killer Overdoses Are On The Rise Across Maryland


Heroin_needle_in_the_gutterBaltimore is known for its heroin affliction, but limiting thoughts of drugs to the state’s largest city would be missing the point about the current addiction epidemic. Statistics released Tuesday for 2014 indicate that the number of overdose deaths in Maryland rose by 20 percent over the last year. And it’s not just heroin that is claiming lives.

Maryland Takes Further Steps to Fight Heroin



Baltimore may or may not be the heroin capital of the United States, but in any case, one thing is clear: Heroin is an increasingly serious problem here, in Maryland, and in the nation in general.

Maryland Addressing Heroin, From the County Seat to CVS



During his time as governor-elect, Larry Hogan said one of his first acts as governor would be to address the heroin epidemic that’s spreading in Maryland (and nationwide) with a State of Emergency. He spent his first acts rolling back Chesapeake Bay pollution regulations and taking gender identity out of a pair of statutes. However, other officials in the Baltimore area have been paying attention to heroin. Here’s a look at three things that are happening that speak to the problem, and they aren’t all in Baltimore City: