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Fourteen Men Indicted, Six Still Wanted, in South Baltimore Drug Trafficking Case

The six individuals still wanted by Baltimore Police. Photos via BPD.

Baltimore police officials say they’ve made a dent in South Baltimore through a recent investigation and subsequent string of indictments in a Brooklyn drug trafficking case.

Overdose-Reversing Drug Naloxone Now Available Over the Counter in Baltimore Pharmacies

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Baltimoreans who want to equip themselves with an antidote for fatal heroin and opioid overdoses can now walk right into their local pharmacy and pick up a naloxone kit, with no need for any further training or paperwork.

Study: Putting One Safe Injection Facility in Baltimore Could Save the City $6 Million Per Year

Photo via WIkimedia Commons

A new study co-authored by Johns Hopkins public health researchers suggests installing one 13-booth safe injection facility for Baltimore’s drug users could save millions of dollars.

Hogan Administration Launches Website Centered Around Deadly Opioid Epidemic

The logo for beforeitstoolate.com.

A new portal rolled out today by Gov. Larry Hogan’s administration offers data, directions to health clinics and a range of other resources relating to opioid and heroin abuse in addiction-afflicted Maryland.

Opioid Intended to Sedate Elephants Kills Three Marylanders, Two from Anne Arundel County

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Maryland’s opioid problem has entered scary new territory following the recent overdose deaths of three residents, two of them in Anne Arundel County, who consumed an elephant tranquilizer.

Hogan Declares State of Emergency for Maryland’s Opioid Epidemic

Still from video via Governor’s Office/YouTube

With overdose deaths piling up in Maryland for years now, the state’s problem with opioid and heroin addiction has been an emergency. Now, it’s official.

MPT Premieres Powerful Documentary About Opioid Addiction

Still from video via Maryland Public Television/YouTube

A new documentary from Maryland Public Television follows three Marylanders suffering from opioid abuse disorders as they travel their arduous paths toward recovery.

Soon Some Baltimore Drug Offenders Will Be Offered a Choice

Photo via National Geographic

Baltimore police officers will soon be offering low-level drug offenders the option to seek treatment rather than face jail time.

In Drug Raid, Baltimore Police Arrest Their Own Crime Scene Tech and Her Boyfriend

Timika Jones, the BPD crime scene technician left) and Clarence Jones, Jr., Courtesy BPD.
Timika Jones, the BPD crime scene technician (left) and Clarence Jones, Jr., Courtesy BPD

One of the Baltimore Police Department’s crime scene technicians appears to have allegedly taken on a questionable and very illegal side job outside of her work for the police force.