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How Your Cell Phone Could Save Your Life



Imagine this terrifying-but-all-too-common situation:  you’re knocked unconscious in an accident. When the EMTs arrive, they can’t find your IDs (maybe you left your wallet at home that day). They have no idea who you are, who to contact, or whether you have any medical conditions.

Here’s one potential happy ending:  the EMT glances at your smart phone. Since you’ve downloaded LifeBridge Health‘s new In Case of Emergency (ICE) app, she can get vital information — such as your name, emergency contact info, and any important allergies or medical conditions — from the home screen of your phone, without worrying about bypassing your password protection. As you speed to the hospital, the EMTs note that you’re allergic to penicillin. They call your wife to apprise her of the situation. Things are still scary, but a lot less mysterious.

Baltimore’s Wealth of Doctor Brains



Have you ever thought about just how many doctors there are in Baltimore? They’re everywhere — in the medical schools, in the research institutions, shopping at the grocery store. On the list of the states with the most doctors, Maryland ranks second in the nation (behind Massachusetts), with 281 docs per 100,000 people (nearly twice Mississippi’s rate, 159). It’s a lucky situation we find ourselves in, since the AMA is predicting a crucial physician shortage over the next decade.