Baltimore’s Wealth of Doctor Brains

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Have you ever thought about just how many doctors there are in Baltimore? They’re everywhere — in the medical schools, in the research institutions, shopping at the grocery store. On the list of the states with the most doctors, Maryland ranks second in the nation (behind Massachusetts), with 281 docs per 100,000 people (nearly twice Mississippi’s rate, 159). It’s a lucky situation we find ourselves in, since the AMA is predicting a crucial physician shortage over the next decade.

And so, when we’re feeling glum about water-main breaks and speeding tickets, we remind ourselves that one under-appreciated thing about Baltimore is how it’s full of amazing doctors — Nobel Prize winners, nationally-known specialists, and good, thorough providers — which means that when you have to find a physician for everyday care, odds are it’ll be someone great. This is what LifeBridge Health builds its business on:  connecting normal people to high-level physicians, mostly at Sinai Hospital and Northwest Hospital, but also at other institutions around the city and Baltimore county.

“Patients in our communities are looking for the best quality care and convenient care, and frankly the best value too,” notes LifeBridge vice-president Brian Cawley. “We offer extended hours, weekend hours — essentially a kind of concierge medical care, where patients get direct access to our physicians and staff.”

But you can take advantage of Baltimore’s wealth of medical minds, even if you don’t have any pressing medical concerns. LifeBridge offers classes and screenings by experts, including everything from running evaluation clinics (so you can see how your pigeon-toed stance might be giving you knee problems) to childbirth prep classes for siblings (to ease the whole sibling rivalry thing). See? It’s good to have doctors around.

To learn more about LifeBridge Health’s Community Physicians Program, visit the program website.

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